Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a good, loving mentor? Have you wished you could ask a question and receive a well thought out, prayed over, and honest answer? Do you have questions about God and things you’ve read in the Bible? I’m here.

My heart aches to help the seekers. The Christians who are struggling in their faith; their beliefs. The people who have a heart to follow God, but don’t really know how to accomplish it. The ones who want to go deeper and desire some guidance along the way.

I am a wife, momma, gmomma, mentor, and friend. The most fulfilling role I have had is as a teacher, or mentor, of God’s Word. I love to study it and learn new things from it. I really love hosting Bible studies and watching people’s eyes and heart opening to what God wants them to see and to know about Him and about themselves. I love the small study group atmosphere, and the opportunity to reach thousands through writing.

Please, ask me questions. Comment. Let me know you’re there and what you need from me. This is why I am here. I love you! You are a gift from God and a blessing to the world.