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Everybody’s Momma

Everybody’s Momma

When Simon answered Jesus regarding who he saw Him as, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God,” Jesus responded with how blessed he was to have received the answer only God could give, and then spoke into his life, not only who he would become, but also the importance of his name, “Peter.”

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” – Matthew 16:18

When God told Abram he would become the father of many nations, (Genesis 17:4-5) He changed his name to Abraham. Why? Because Abram means, “father of many,” But Abraham means, “father of many nations.” Do you see the difference? God was making a promise, a covenant, with Abraham and sealing it with a name change.

Lo-Ruhamah, a name given by God to the daughter of Hosea, (Hosea 1:6-7) announcing that He was tired of the house of Israel and was giving them, “No mercy.” – The meaning of the name.

Lo-Ammi, another child of Hosea to which God declared the name. It means, “Not-My-People.” You can probably make a fairly accurate assumption as to the reason He chose this name. (Hosea 1:8-9)

Turn a few pages and you’ll find God bringing a change to those names, making them simply Ruhamah and Ammi. Why the change? Hosea 2:23 – God states that He will have mercy on them and they will become His people once again.

What’s in a name? In Bible times, and even in some cultures today, a name is super important. It means something. In the world I live in, however, a name has become just something someone says to get the attention of the person they need to speak with.

It seems to me a nickname tends to hold more meaning now. I mean, people beg for a nickname. Sometimes they don’t even care if it’s a good one or not, they just don’t want to be left out. I hear my given name and it doesn’t stir anything within me, I just respond to the person and go on with my day.

My nicknames, however, impact me. I’ve been given some interesting ones over the years. I was called “Frog” by friends that thought I bounced around a lot. That is kind of funny, now that I think about it, because these days I bounce between things way more than I did when I earned that nickname. I guess I have always been that way, though I couldn’t really see it back then. Now I find myself bouncing between creating, learning new things, and becoming better at the things I already know.

My hubby calls me “Sunshine” because he sees me as a great light in his life, and when I hear it, I am encouraged to remain that light to not only him, but all those around me.

My mom has a few names she likes to call me, each one endearing me to her. Moms can call you whatever they wish, out of love, and it just screams into your heart, “I am so loved!”

I’ve been called “Herc” because I’m not afraid to do the heavy lifting when it needs done. I call my kids by nicknames more often, I think, than I say their actual names. Even our dogs get nicknames – which only tends to confuse them, lol.

Nicknames are a result of being who you are. A person sees something about you that strikes them as funny or interesting or admirable and they find something to call you that recognizes that quality.

Perhaps the most precious of names I’ve been given is “Momma.” I know what you’re thinking … that’s just the name kids give their moms. But, that’s not the case in my experience. I was given the name Momma by a beautiful young lady who was searching for someone to help fill the void in her life. Someone to love her as she needed to be loved, accepting her for who she was and giving her guidance when she needed it most.

When I think of a “Momma,” I think of a person who gives of herself above and beyond the normal. Someone who puts others needs in front of their own. Someone who helps others be strong during the hard times in life. Encourages them to reach for the stars. And constantly pushes them to become more … to grow steadily in their walk with the Lord.

I asked for a quote from one of my kids, not the blood ones that are required to call me Mom, but the ones that have become my kids through relationship.Best Friends Jesus

The question: Why am I “Momma” and what does that mean? The answer: “You’re Momma because you came alongside me at my darkest and wouldn’t give up until I came to the light. Because you loved me enough and saw enough value in me to not only be a friend, but a mentor. You care, you guide, you encourage, and you love. You want nothing less than the best for me, and you keep pushing me to pursue nothing less.”

Interestingly, my own kids started calling me “Momma” instead of the usual “Mom,” or “Mommy.” My grand babies call me “Gmomma.” And each time I hear the term, it softens my heart to the roll I tend to take and hope I can become better at.

I want to be your “Momma,” your mentor. The person you turn to when you need to find strength during the storm, or encouragement for a broken heart. Maybe you just want to dive deeper, draw closer to God, and you need a bit of guidance.

You can come to me to get the support you need for all your daily struggles in life, knowing that I will help you get back to Who is really your source, your support.

You have the freedom to create your own name for me, I’m cool with that. What I wonder is, will you allow me into your life as someone who has your best interest at heart?

You see, it’s my nature. I just love to help others be the best they can be. Are you struggling to see where you fit in this great big world? Have you been cast aside by your friends and family and are suffering the deep hurt and anxiety that causes? Have you lost someone dear to you and need help overcoming the despair?

Do you want to learn more about seeking the Lord? Do you want to become stronger in your prayer life? Do you need help learning how to make the stories in your Bible relate to you and your life? There are so many questions I want to help answer, with the Lord’s guidance.

I hope you will leave your email for me, or just check back in often. There are answers, and I know the Lord will show me things to write that will speak to your heart. That will help you to heal and to grow.



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