Experience or God, What Do You Believe?

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Interpreting God’s will in light of Human Experience.

What we experience in life can and will influence what we believe. A child of God should not allow the experience that we’ve had to dictate what we believe God’s will to be.

In this series, I am asking you to take a close look at what you personally believe, and whether or not it lines up with the Word of God. In the first post, I let you know the topics I would be covering, giving you an idea of what I believe and showing you the reason behind that belief.

In the second post, I covered the sovereignty of God, the definition of sovereignty and the truth about what God can and cannot control because of the limits He placed on Himself and the spiritual laws He must abide by.

Is it possible you believe a lie?

Often times the enemy, Satan, puts thoughts in our heads, or in the heads of others and that thought will sway what the person believes. It even sways what churches believe, to the point of doctrines being made by man that God never intended to become part of His church.

One such influence is human experience. We have circumstances that come into our lives, and the enemy whispers into our ear, “See, you believed this way, and it happened this way. Is the Bible true? I don’t think so, just look at your circumstance.”

For example, several years ago I was having knee problems. It was fairly routine that I’d have to push my knee cap back into the groove because it had been pulled out again. It was very painful and I was using crutches pretty regularly as a result. One day, my friend asked me if I wanted to go to this revival service with her.

In the course of the evening, the minister asked for anyone with a knee injury to come up to be prayed for. So, I went up. He spoke over me and I found myself lying on the floor. When I came back from that place, the pain had left. Completely. It was a great experience with God and I walked out with the crutches in my hand.

Within two weeks, I was back to having severe knee pain and ended up at the doctor, again. This time I was sent to a specialist and then eventually had surgery to burn some tendons off, causing my knee cap to stay where it needed to be, as well as have the ligament tear sewn up.

How did I receive that healing and then go right back to the injury?

Some of you would say I was never healed, or it couldn’t have been God. I don’t believe that for a second. I know how bad it was when I went into that service, and I know how I came out. God healed me. I experienced His power in my life. Here is what I’ve learned.

I felt a twinge of, I wouldn’t say actual pain, but I felt something happen in my knee when I got up a couple days later. Then, a thought that I wasn’t healed and it was just a hoax came to me. I followed that thought to the point of receiving the problem and the pain back into my life. Why? Because I didn’t know any better. I let the enemy tell me the opposite of the Word of God. I was believing my experience over the Word of God.Jesus

In 1Peter 2:24 it says that by His stripes, I was healed. It was done. My leg was absolutely fine, but I let unbelief, in the form of doubt and fear, grab hold of me. I believed it was not God’s will for me to be healed in that way, but to instead be healed through the doctors.  I didn’t know the Truth about God’s will to heal, and so, I put my faith in the doctors and then had to have surgery. I was interpreting His will based on what I saw in my life at that time, not based on the Bible.

When we interpret God’s will based on our own experiences, we miss out on the power of God.

In John 17:17, Jesus says, God’s word is truth. We need to keep the Word in our minds and in our hearts so that when the enemy, or the world, or our circumstances try to tell us something that opposes it, we know the truth. It shouldn’t matter what we see, hear, smell, taste, or feel. God’s Word is true, period. Romans 3:4

The power of God cannot manifest in our lives when we are not believing in that power. If our experience is allowed to dictate what we see as God’s will, how can we believe?

Here’s the key:

  • Get the Word of God sown into your heart. You can’t really believe Him, if you don’t know Him and what He says.
    • Learn what God’s will is. Much of His will is given to us in the Bible, if we will look for it, we will find it.
  • Hold on to what you know, what you’ve sown, and do not be swayed. You will see His promises fulfilled if you have faith and do not doubt.


I have a printable document you may have. It is a declaration page, something you can look at often to be reminded who you are in Christ and what He has given you, because He loves you. Click here and download it to your computer and print it! No strings attached, but please, when someone else wants the same list, refer them to this page, or this blog. Thank you!



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