Name It Claim It?

Name it and claim it

There’s a difference between the “name it and claim it” belief and in believing what the Bible says and receiving it from God.

I have led many Bible study meetings and sometimes certain things stick out that people say; either during the study or some time after. The one I’m thinking of right now happened the Sunday after the Tuesday morning Bible study.

Do you know how frustrating it is to have someone form an opinion about you based on something you said, but without knowing the context of your words?

Context matters!

I was teaching a series about healing at this particular time and the regular attenders knew it was a series. They would come with questions from weeks before and such. The thing is, it was a series and if you missed one, you probably missed something important. Anyway, this person had been to no prior teachings on the subject and missed out on important things like believing to receive from God what He had already provided through Jesus. On Sunday, she came up to me and I’ll never forget what she said because it labeled me – and I’m not that. She said, “I don’t believe in that name it and claim it stuff. You’re one of those people.”

So, let’s talk about the difference between a person who believes what the Bible says and receives it into their life and a “name it and claim it” person.

Doing the research

I looked at several articles on what people think about the “name it and claim it” movement. Basically, what I get from it is that people who believe in name it and claim it think they can pick some random thing out of the air and if they claim it using their words,  it will be theirs. So like, I want a new car so I’m going to just go lay hands on the car I want and say it is mine – without me having to actually purchase it – and I will get this car!

Now, this same attitude can be applied and related to money or even health, “If I just speak these words, I’ll have all kinds of money… or perfect health.” I read articles that took verses and showed how they were used out of context and then the person writing the article used the same verses … out of context.

For instance: Name it and claim it people believe they should never have any pain. Then the person trying to refute the name it claim it says that Jesus died the most excruciating way possible. So, Jesus had pain. Well, do name it claim it’ers believe in pain from persecution? Jesus wasn’t sick. He was being persecuted.

Believe and Receive

To believe and receive is to look at what God says He has already provided for you and receive it into your life. And here’s where it gets interesting – you cannot learn to receive from God without renewing your mind to the Word of God. In other words (Romans 12:1-2), you have to get to the place where you completely believe what the Bible says. And sometimes, that means you have to name it.

I think this is the reason that person said I was of the “name it claim it” movement, because I talked about how it is our responsibility to renew our minds to what God has already provided to us. And, in order to renew our minds, getting rid of false thoughts and unbelief, we need to speak. Speak the Word of God over and over until it erases the lies in our minds and replaces it with truth.

Words and Power

Our words do have power.

We can use our words to grab hold of Biblical truths. Our mouth will help the seed planted in our soul to grow. I read the books by Dr. Caroline Leaf (a brain specialist) called “Who Switched Off My Brain” and “Switch On Your Brain.” In these books we find out a lot of sciency stuff (that I struggle to understand) about the brain and how it works. We all know that without the brain nothing in our body can function, but do you know the power within the brain to heal itself? Dr. Leaf tells many stories regarding patients with various degrees of brain damage and how, through her process, they have recovered completely. Even autistic kids who have been healed.

The premise of the process is to build new trees to replace the bad ones. Each thought process produces a start – like a seed – and depending on how far you take that thought will determine if it plants itself and develops into a blooming tree. (The picture taken and magnified through sciency stuff actually look like trees!)

Part of the process of replacing the bad trees with good ones is using words to force yourself away from the toxic thoughts that have taken root. Hmmmm, I think the Bible tells us the same thing. She explains that it takes like 21 days to get a root established. Another 21 days will get it budding, and still another 21 to get it looking like a tree. (Sounds like seed-time-harvest to me) Words have power, but it takes time to get the words to really sink into your soul – your thoughts becoming closer and closer to what God wants for you.

Renewing the mind

We must renew our minds in order to see the power of God working in us and through us. And we must use our words to do it! Our words speaking His words.

So don’t be someone who thinks if they just claim it as there’s they’ll get it, look at what the Bible says and believe it. Then you will have what it declares you can have. Just one final thought, think about this verse. Ponder it for a while. Let it speak to you deep in your heart and see what God speaks to you regarding the words written.   Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 2

Prepare your heart for what He has for you!

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