Overcoming Fear and Anxiety – Trust God

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

“Arachnophobia.” Have you seen that movie? Before watching it, I had no fear of spiders.

Seeing a spider in my house was not cause for anxiety, the unwanted pest simply met it’s demise — typically with the bottom of my shoe. After viewing the movie however, I developed an irrational fear of sitting on a toilet without checking it first. It was years before I could go without turning lights on and looking around. Silly, I know.


In Matthew 8:23-27, we find the disciples facing a similar problem. An irrational fear of a storm. Why was it irrational? Because when they got in the boat, Jesus had said specifically, “Go to the other side.” (Matt. 8:18)

Jesus had just finished performing many miracles and teaching about the kingdom of God and life as a child of God. Plus, He had given them a command to cross right on over to the other side.

How easily we forget all we have seen Jesus do — in our own lives and the lives of others — when a storm arises and stirs up fear within us!

Who is in that boat?

Jesus did not say, “He guys, let’s go about halfway across and then drown!”

When a storm arises, do you forget who is in the boat? God Himself was hanging out with those men, as He is always hanging out with us… Sure, He was napping, but so what?! He knew what was going on and He wasn’t the least bit concerned. If He didn’t have a plan to get through the storm, He wouldn’t have gotten in the boat.

It would be like God saying, “Oops! I had a plan for the salvation of the world, but then Jesus drowned in a freak storm. Sorry about that, my bad!”

He had a way out of that storm and yours as well!

The disciples allowed the fear and anxiety of that moment to take over and bring them to a place of doubt and unbelief. If you don’t take captive the fear filled, anxious thoughts and emotions, you will quickly spiral into the place the disciples found themselves, “We are perishing.” (Matt. 8:25)

How to overcome:

  • Keep your eyes on Who is in the boat with you!
    • Jesus is INSIDE of us and therefore His power to overcome the world is there… all the time.
  • Choose to focus on and believe the Word of God more than you believe in your storm. Be it a troubling circumstance, sickness, feeling, or emotion. Make the main thing the main thing!Hebrews 4:2
  • Cooperate with God in order to receive His best
  • Take yourself off the menu!
    • Satan, “May I devour you?”
    • You, “NO!”
      • 1 Peter 5:8 – after all, he’s not a ferocious lion… I picture his roar like that of the young Simba in the Lion King when the hyenas made fun of him. Just jump in and roar like Mufasa! Satan doesn’t have any power over a believer unless you give him the reigns through allowing fear and anxiety place in your life.

I’m happy to say, I have no problem sitting on my toilet anymore – even with the lights off at 3 in the morning. (Now rats.. that is a story for another time, lol.)

I’m sure I will face things that frighten me in days and years to come – in fact, this big adventure we are on can bring some of that – but God is God and I know Him and trust Him. He’s got me and He’s got you … and do you know why? Because He absolutely loves you with an everlasting love.

There is a list, I call it, “The List” on my site. This list is a group of confessions you can use to help you grow in faith and really know who you are in Christ. Click here and print it out! Use it regularly, with faith, and I promise your life will be changed for good.

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