The Bible Tells Me So

Yes Jesus loves me.

The Bible tells me so.

I was heading into work and out of nowhere, started singing that oldie but goodie, “Jesus Loves Me.” At the end of the song, I kept singing the last 5 words over and over until it had sunk in what I was saying, “the Bible tells me so.”

Then I began to think, how many of us grew up in Sunday School or in a Christian home and had those words sang to us. That song taught to us. And we, as young children would walk around singing those words. And yet, we never really thought about what we were saying. We never really considered if we believed those words coming from our lips.

It says, “the Bible tells me so.” And I was just thinking about that as I was praying and singing to Jesus.

How many times have we faced some circumstance in life and the first thing we do is talk about it. We have gone to family to talk about it. We’ve gone to friends, even the Christian ones, and talked about it. And then we hear “Christianese”, like, “God has everything under control.” And those types of phrases that I just loathe. Cliche Christianese things that mostly aren’t even biblical. Most of them aren’t even what the Bible tells us.

How many times do we go talking to others because, if we’re honest, we really just want to whine about it and get some sympathy? I know, sometimes it is to get advice, but often it’s just about whining. Let’s be real.

The Bible Tells Me So

On the contrary, how many times, when we face a battle, do we open up our Bibles, and find something to stand on?

For example: you are facing a sickness and you turn to Psalm 103 and you read. It says, “forget not all His benefits. Who forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases.”

How about 1 Peter 2:24 where it says that by His stripes you were already healed? Done deal right there.

How many times have we had a problem and we found a verse and we said, “the Bible tells me so!” And we take that verse. We make it real in our lives and we say, “Okay, I’m standing on this. Because the Bible says it. I believe it. And I’m not going to stop no matter what I see or feel right now.”

Another example: you’re paying your bills and realize the money is running out before the month does. You don’t have enough, in the natural, to get the bills paid.

Instead of sitting around going, “What am I going to do?” Instead of going around telling everyone you see how you’re broke and can’t make it. Go to the Word. Keep verses handy to grab and say, “The Bible tells me so!” And believe it. And don’t let go!!

Don’t Let Go!

Romans 8:31-32 says that God is for us and freely gives us all things. We just have to start believing the Bible, God’s written word to us, over what this cold, empty world has to say.

I was driving home one night and singing on old, old chorus. It goes like this, “I keep falling in love with Him over and over and over and over again (repeat). He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. Oh what a love between my Lord and I. I keep falling in love with Him over and over and over and over again.” As I was singing it, I changed it to “falling in love with You….” and singing it straight to Him with my heart overflowing with joy.

As I finished the song, I heard Him speak to me so strongly that I thought He was sitting right there in the back seat of my van. I actually turned to look. He said, “Right back at you daughter! I keep falling in love over and over again with you.” As soon as He said that, this verse came pouring into my thoughts and just really came alive to me, Mark 11:23-24.  It says,

“But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you. Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Now, to really get the full impact of the verse, you need to have a pretty good understanding of the Kingdom of God.  I have a series of posts regarding that very thing.

But, here is the point, when you’re facing that thing, you have got to know that He loves you and that He is taking care of you.

After meditating on the verse for a few minutes, He asked me, “What would you give to your children if there were no limits?” And, of course, as a mother, my answer was, “The world. I’d give them the world.” And His response? “Well, I have no limits. There’s nothing I can’t give you. And, it’s my good pleasure to give it to you.”

Oh how great is the Father’s love for His children.

Now, my only job is to believe. The Bible tells me so. It doesn’t matter what my 5 senses are trying to tell me. What matters is what the Bible tells me and my ability to simply believe. To doubt my doubt before I doubt my faith in what God has told me.

Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so. Yes, God has given me everything that I need.. The Bible tells me so. He said He has blessed me with all spiritual blessings (Eph. 1:3).. He has given it to me already… The Bible tells me so!

And it doesn’t matter what I see with my physical eyes, or taste, smell, hear, or feel in this physical world. What really matters is what is there, in the spiritual realm, that’s already been provided for me.

The Bible tells me that God is love, that Jesus died for my sins, and that if I’m baptized in the Holy Spirit I’m going to have power to be God’s witness.

In order to be God’s witness, let me tell you something, we can’t look like the world, because He has already overcome the world which means we’ve overcome the world because He’s in there. The full power of God is living in us! And all we have to do is learn to bring it out. And how do we bring it out? We believe what the Bible tells us.

We believe that when the Bible says God loves us.. He loves us. We believe that when it says He wants us to prosper.. we will prosper. We believe when it says He wants us to be in perfect health.. we will be in perfect health.

We believe that we can stand up against the devil. We believe that we can fight off the lies of the enemy… because that’s all he is. He’s just a liar, and the only power he has over us is the power to deceive. And, the only way he can deceive is if we let him deceive.

Let me just encourage you, trust the Word of God. Believe that what it says is the truth. What He says He will do.. He will do. Believe Him completely for it is His good pleasure to give to you the Kingdom!

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